In a world where the only obvious constant is the inevitability of change, thank God for things that remain consistently true.  Principles never change even when everything around us does.  Here are three principles for positioning yourself for your future:

General things come to those who Want

Having a desire for something is the first step toward having it.  People without a defined sense of desire for something usually wander around in life without accomplishing anything, simply accepting whatever comes their way. People who have spent time with (mental, emotional, and spiritual energy) what they want even before they have it develop their desire so that it is defined and measurable as a goal. Those who have no sense of definition to what they desire in life will have to settle for generalities that are available to everyone.

Good things come to those who Wait

Having the character to be patient for your desire is the second step toward possessing your future. Impatient people miss divine connections and key opportunities because they demand what they want in the way they want it at the time they want it.  This lack of personal discipline actually creates delay and deferral in our lives.  Those who discipline themselves understand that timing is as important as the fulfillment of desires and have discovered the value of the process of life, not just the value of the object of their desire. Those who have a desire but can’t endure the process to possess it will most likely have to settle for the the good but average things in life.

Great things come to those who are Willing

The third step to positioning ourselves for future fulfillment is a willingness to do (and most often become) what it takes to possess what we want in life.  The best things in life are reserved for the passionate few who are willing to allow the process of desire and patience to change them into the best posture and position for the fulfillment of their dreams.  Passive people lack the ability to stand up when the process leads to an opportunity that requires courage and perseverance. Passionate people are fueled with determined desire that has been harnessed by patience and is ready to be unleashed at the right time for the right opportunity.  Those who have developed their desires, endured the shaping process of patience, and are ready to seize their opportunity don’t have to settle for anything less than the great things in life that bring fulfillment and new desires.