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"Whenever we need to really hear God’s voice or just sit in His powerful presence, Destiny is where we come."

"You guys have the true gospel. Those guys [prophetic team] read my mail. They didn’t know anything about me, and they read my mail. This is the real deal. I’m blown away. And I’ll be back."

"When I started coming to Destiny, no one knew what I was going through, not even the folks at my own church. I needed healing and someone invited me to come to Destiny. As just sat through the services God healed me. I’m so grateful."

"I have been at Destiny Community Church tonight and just received a word for those that needed healing to their shoulder.  I have had pain in my shoulder tonight and so when the word was given tonight I thought I have got to get up there and have prayer.  As they laid hands on me and started praying over me for healing a word of knowledge was given that a knife like a dagger had been stabbed into my shoulder and so they took authority over that word curse and that action in regard to a relationship or something that had been cursed.  After they finished praying the pain left my shoulder.   So praise the Lord for words of knowledge, praise the Lord for his Holy Spirit moving through the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our church, and Lord thank you."

"A word of knowledge came that God wanted to heal a right shoulder.  I have always struggled with pain and God touched me.  Things that usually bother me have not caused me any pain!  God has done a miracle for me!"

"I received prophetic prayer in mid-December to go get an engineering job.  I had been out of work since May 15, 2009.  After receiving my prophetic prayer I had an interview with a local company and I received a job after the first and only interview.  I am sure this was a “God Thing”!!"

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