Coronavirus Prevention Statement   3.12.20

Because we care about all our DCC family, including those who might be in the “at risk” category for the Coronavirus, we will be implementing a plan to help minimize exposure to the virus while participating in the Destiny community.  This plan is based on our DNA/supernatural culture and the suggestions by and for workplace prevention. We will revisit this plan only as real facts on the ground change.



Culture of Faith:  God is the only safe and trustworthy protection for the Coronavirus or any other sickness/disease. Therefore, we will encourage people to continue to anchor their faith in God and resist all fear-based presumptions and the resulting hysteria or panic that denies who God is and who we are.  In fact, fear attracts demonic activity, including many forms of sickness.

Culture of Supernatural Kingdom:  We believe that Jesus heals “ALL of our diseases” and has specifically sent us with authority and power to be the solution.

Culture of Honor:  With faith in God as our anchor, Jesus told His disciples to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We always want to honor each other with the kind of love that He loves us with.

Therefore, we will be implementing the following suggestions moving forward.



  1. Greetings and personal touch. We suggest using the toe tap, elbow or fist bump (I have heard infectious disease experts recommend all three) in place of handshakes and hugs. Be aware of and honoring to the personal space of others.
  2. Ministry touch, such as “laying hands” on folks for prayer, etc., should only be done after specifically asking for permission and overtly obtaining it from the receiver. This is already our default policy at Destiny 🙂
  3. At Risk Members: If you are sick with cold or flu symptoms, you should consider staying home and recovering to full strength. If you are over 60 and have underlying immuno-health issues, you should also consider staying home to avoid the serious health risks. If you have the Coronavirus, we will support your self-quarantine as you honor the Body by staying home and getting well. In any case, you can still participate virtually through our Sunday service livestream on our Facebook page –
  4. Hand Washing: Please wash your hands frequently with soap in our restrooms. This is more effective than hand sanitizers.  We will make reasonable effort to post hand sanitizer (as it is available) in the entrance, resource table, and the kitchen counter.
  5. Building Sanitation: We will be making all reasonable efforts with our volunteer cleaning staff to thoroughly sanitize all the major person-to-person transmission points, such as door handles, light switches, railings, etc.
  6. SERVICES: We do not intend to cancel our services unless required to by law or by leading of the Lord. If it becomes necessary to cancel our physical meetings, we will continue our meetings virtually through our livestream on Sunday mornings. This would perhaps be a good time to remind everyone that your giving would be as necessary during such a scenario as it is under normal meeting circumstances.  (Online giving:


Facts:  As of 3.12.20 (noon)

CDC reports 1,215 cases (7 in KY) and 36 deaths in US.   Of those who contract the virus, about 80% will not even be aware of it with very light symptoms.  17% will experience mild to severe symptoms.  3% could potentially die (this figure is expected by infectious disease experts to be reduced significantly as testing becomes readily available and provides us with more accurate infection rates vs mortality rates.)

By all measurable standards (except the mortality rate, which is expected to drop considerably as real Coronavirus infection rates become known), the common strains of flu each year are far more deadly and pervasive in age scope and severity than the Coronavirus.  Yet is a very rare occasion that any events, meetings, or conferences, such as church services, are closed for the flu.


Dear Ones – Let us heed the advice of Jesus that we become “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16).


Pastors Tim & Dawn Cole

Lead Team/Board of Directors
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