Ready, Set, Go: Motivated by Love

Dawn Cole, Co-Lead

Series: Ready, Set, GO!
Message 3


The answer to the question “Why” we are going to the world determines the answer to the question of “How” effective we will be.  Motivation really matters.

Ready, Set, Go: Our Mission is a “GO”

Tim Cole, Senior Lead

Series: Ready, Set, GO!
Message 2


The only posture that suits a believer is one that is leaning into the lives of those around us to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus with them.

Ready, Set Go: The Power of Choice

Tim Cole, Senior Lead

Series:  Ready, Set, GO!
Message 1  


Jesus not only freed us from sin, He restored the power of our choice.  God made us in His image … with free will to choose and determine.  Our choice came backed with the resources and power of heaven.


Jeffrey Weneck, Associate Pastor


Sin, shame, pride, trauma… all cause us to wear labels that frame the way we see ourselves as well as how others see us.  Salvation is a clean slate and a fresh start without those twisted label.

How Forgiven are You?

Jim Davis


Sometimes we can accept Salvation in Christ in theory, but in practice we still act as if we are carrying the “scarlet letter” around our spiritual necks.  Jesus didn’t just forgive us of all our sins in theory;  He actually did it and because He did, we are free to life in the favor and under the pleasure of God.

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