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Earlier, I offered the first part of a simple test to help us determine whether the gospel message we’re trusting in is the same gospel that Jesus revealed and Paul preached. It’s a simple test. The first two questions were: Does this gospel cause me to fix my eyes exclusively on Jesus? And Does this gospel increase my dependence on Jesus? This article addresses the last two questions. If your answers to the four questions are all yes, then rejoice, for you are living on pure, undiluted grace!

3. Does this gospel empower me to overcome sin?  There are two ways to deal with sin; (1) preach law or (2) reveal grace. A law-based message will stir up the flesh in a human-powered quest for a change in behavior. This approach is inherently flawed - for the purpose of the law is to...

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I once heard a preacher say. “80 to 90% of Christians are unacquainted with the gospel of grace.” That estimate is probably not far off the mark as evidenced by the large numbers of believers who are still trying to earn what God has freely given them. If you were to ask these people about grace they would declare, “Yes, I am saved by grace! I thank God for His grace!” But by their works they testify that God’s grace is still not enough. Grace may have gotten them started, but now it’s up to them to finish. Having begun with the Spirit they are now trying to attain their goal by human effort (Gal 3:3). Instead of working out what it means to be saved, they are working hard to stay saved.

How does this happen? Usually someone tells them that God won’t accept them or bless them or be pleased with them unless they perform for Jesus. Dead religious works are sold...


Published in Grace

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