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A New Way to Think About Love

Written by  Dawn Cole Monday, 18 January 2016
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Relationship is a two way street.  It is the conversation and interaction between two people. The closer we grow together, the different the dynamics of the relationship become. When I love someone it naturally affects the way I treat them, think about them, respond to them and talk about them.  Love really changes everything. It has the power to give me the ability to see the other person  though rose colored glasses.  You know those glasses that make the other person look, beautiful, skinny and flawless regardless of the facts.  My lenses becomes my reality.

The amazing thing about God is that He has a way of doing that with us.  When Jesus is inside of us, He attracts the favor and affection of God. The Father puts on His "Jesus glasses" and you and I look amazing.  We are a magnet for His love.  I Corinthians 13 is one of the most beautiful word pictures in all of scripture of what love looks like and how it responds in relationship.   It is so powerful to get a sense of the magnitude of love when we put our name in there and imagine how this chapter is God speaking His heart and intentions toward us.  We get the warm fuzzies and feel His arms pulling us close.

The next jump we make is to use this chapter as the standard by which we treat and view those around us.  It is the measuring stick we use to assess how well we are living up to His expectation.  As I was reading this chapter the other day, I had a new thought.  What if there is actually another way to think about this love?  What if these are the very ways that I can express my love to God.  What if the more I get to know who God really is I will begin to change the very way I live my life and respond to Him.  When you love someone, everything changes.  What felt difficult to do in other circumstances somehow becomes easy and even our reasonable service.

It is easy to celebrate the kindness of God and His patient, never give up attitude that He has for us and our lives.  But how patient am I towards Him in this relationship?  We can get frustrated so easily because we really don't feel like God operates on our timetable; after all we are the most important part in this relationship, right?  What if love going in His direction believes the best about who He is and His intentions toward me.  He would never keep something from me on purpose if it were the best thing for me in that moment.  I know there are many more  times that I throw a tantrum demanding my own way in my own time than expressing my love for God by patiently trusting Him and spending the wait time just enjoying the fellowship of a great friend.  Time seems to go quickly when you hang out with a good friend, shouldn't it be the same with God?

Another aspect of Love is that it doesn't keep score of wrong and doesn't become irritable.  Well I wish I could say that is my first response toward God when the pressure of life squeezes in on me.  I can be quick to remind God of what He has has said and how He is not doing what He said.  It is as if I feel justified in throwing the disappointment back at Him accusing Him of not playing fair.  While I would never admit that out loud, in my heart I have done that very thing.  Love toward God was not my first response.  He is a big God and He can handle my unloving attitudes, but why should that be ok? I would expect better of Him toward me.  Now I am not suggesting that we are perfect and that we will never say something in the heat of the moment we later regret.  Thank goodness God truly loves us and His mercy and grace cover us.  But what if putting my relationship with Him in context of love really does change my response toward Him.

Love gives me the ability to relate to, think about and ultimately respond to God in a whole new way.  It doesn't give me a license to take out my frustration on the very One who loves me perfectly.  If my expectation is that He always treat me from the framework of I Corinthians 13, then that should become the very same lens I view Him through.  Love doesn't run away in times of difficulty, it should cause us to run toward Him with a unfettered passion.  Just take a minute to ponder the Love Chapter as a call to a new level of relationship with the One who loves you best, the one who is Love.  Fall in love with Him in a whole new way, love never fails!

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Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole, along with her husband Tim, serves as the Lead Pastor of Destiny Community Church in Lexington KY.  An author, teacher, and prophetic voice, Dawn's motto is "there's got to be more!"

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