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Issachar Alert: Sing a New Song!

Written by  Dawn Cole Monday, 18 January 2016
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“Sing a new song to the Lord! Sing His praises from the ends of the earth!  Let the whole world glorify the Lord; let it sing His praise.  The Lord will march forth like a mighty hero; he will come out like a warrior, full of fury.  He will shout His battle cry and crush all His enemies. Isaiah 42:10,12-13

2016 it is a new year, a new season and God is giving us a new song.  We were all so excited about 2015 and were reveling in the idea of triple grace.  Little did we know that we would need triple grace and a little more to face the challenges that came our way during the year.  The good news is the struggles of the past year have strengthened us in preparation for the battles we are going to WIN this year.  Make no mistake about it, we are different people, who have grown wiser and who are more established in our identity as Sons and Daughters.  God is setting us up for some WOW moments.

The expectation of the new is all around us!  It is amazing how the turning of the calendar can set us up to see things from a different perspective.  God in His wisdom set up the world so that there would be times and seasons.  He knew we would need the ability to hit the reset button of our lives.  This establishes in us an ability to hope and to dream.  Hope seizes the knowledge that tomorrow will be another day and at any moment everything can change.  Faith sees the potential that comes with every new season and expectation is the underlying drive that keeps us moving forward especially when it would be easier to quit.

The good news about this upcoming year is that God is releasing a new and powerful gift of revelation to us.  He is inviting us to think some new thoughts and to allow Him to begin to speak to us in some new ways.  We have in this season an opportunity to learn a new language.  I have challenges learning new languages.  When I have traveled to Malawi and to Poland, the language barrier was real and at times frustrating.  Even though I would go over and rehearse the greetings and the simplest words and phrases, I seemed to go blank, freeze and stutter when I had to actually get the words out of my mouth.  Thank goodness Holy Spirit is my translator!  He is allowing, even me, to learn to hear the new language God is using to speak to me.  I don’t believe God is trying to keep something from us we need to know, I believe He is enlarging us to receive more from Him.  He is giving us an upgrade in relationship and communication.  We will have the ability to receive from Him in ways we have not been able to in the past.

If you are looking with an eye to see something that may make you uncomfortable, welcome to the world of the supernatural.  We are going to see and experience some pretty incredible things.  Remember when Elijah’s servant was looking at the “real” situation they faced and Elisha challenged Him to look again?  Well, God is challenging us to look again.  Things are not as they appear.  They are not as dire as you suppose.  The truth of the unfair advantage we have over the enemy is going to become real and tangible this year.  We are part of a team that has been undefeated since the beginning of creation and that record is not going to change.  You and I with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit are one incredible force to be reckoned with!  That is no longer going to be a cute catchphrase, but the reality that we live.

Every new year always bring with it a new set of challenges.  Every generation has had their moment of looking around and asking the question, “Who is going to fix this mess”?  Maybe you have been thinking that very thought.  The world really is in a desperate place.  It is full of disfunction, evil and injustice.  It is easy to recognize that the solutions to these problems are not as easy and quick as we would like.  The good news is that God is raising up a whole new army of Gideon’s.  Men and women who are not afraid to face the enemy of the day and follow through to see everyone around them have a life upgrade.  We cannot continue to pass off the responsibility for the condition of our world to the next generation.  This is the generation that can begin the cultural shift that has the hope of changing things for the next.  So, who is going to do this?  How about you and I.  We are the mighty men and woman of valor that God is calling out of our places of hiding into the battle.  The good news is, we are destined to win; maybe not every battle, but certainly the war.

God has such a high value for family and relationship.  The breakdown of connection has been steadily eroding our ability to share meaningful relationships for quite a few years.  The change has been gradual and although we realized it was happening we are just now beginning to feel the consequences.  We were created for relationship and connection.  We were never designed to succeed without each other.  Sometimes we view this as a flaw, but God was genius in His plan.  The power of the two or three or many is far more than the individual.  The value we add to one another’s lives is what gives us both the strength and essentials needed to fulfill our destiny and purpose.  He is not only knitting our hearts closer with the people we already know, He is getting ready to enlarge the family.  The early church isn’t the only group of world changers who are going to have people added every day - we are going to get in on that same exciting growth explosion!  More new friends and family are coming to a  church near you!

This is going to be a year of unprecedented freedom!  God is offering us the gift of His heart wrecking love so that we will be set free from the fears that have gripped our hearts.  The weak places in our relationship with Him are the very places the enemy exploits.  The love of God comes to us and puts His finger on those very places and gives us the ability to sure up the breaches in our relationship.  The lies that have enabled the fear to continue are being exposed and replaced by the truth of the heart of a Good, Good God.  The more we experience His love, the more we let go of the fear.  With that out of the way, God can take us to some new places and open up new opportunities.  His goodness to us is that He will never give us something we aren’t able to handle or hold onto.  I believe we are getting ready to receive some incredible new territory because we are ready to own what He has to give us.

It is a new year filled with new expectation for what it will bring.  As you ponder all the “new”, ask yourself this question, “What do I want to see change in my life this year?  If things could be different, what would that look like?”  And then, possibly the bigger question, that may require a little more soul searching, comes right behind.  “What am I willing to do to see those things happen?”  Allow the Holy Spirit to share with you what is on His heart for you and receive the challenge He brings to step up and step into some of those things.  As with every new year we have the opportunity to make a fresh start, 2016 is no different.  All the words and prophecies are not what will make this year memorable, it will be what we choose to receive and pursue that will make the difference.

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Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole, along with her husband Tim, serves as the Lead Pastor of Destiny Community Church in Lexington KY.  An author, teacher, and prophetic voice, Dawn's motto is "there's got to be more!"

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