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Issachar Alert: Changing the Mixture

Written by  Tim Cole Monday, 18 January 2016
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In the transition time from old year into New Year, from where we’ve been and where we are now going, I typically begin to seek the Lord for what He is doing so that I can know how to partner with His plan and purpose in my life and in the earth (1 Chronicles 12:32).  Over the years, I have learned to listen intently as He often speaks to me in layers, levels, and about multiple things that are on His agenda.  This year, the outcome of that exchange with God was unique.  He spoke a single, simple thing to me. He told me that He is going to change the mixture of our lives, our nation, and the earth in this next season.

In essence, I believe God, as the divine gardener, is about to do two things to ensure supernatural productivity in us: add new resources to the soil of our lives and remove dead things and situations that are sucking the life out of us.  The plants of our lives are about to get a good dose of supernatural “Miracle Gro” even as God takes the hoe of heaven to remove unnecessary rocks and weeds to optimize our growing potential.

So what does He mean by “mixture?”  Great chefs build their reputations on the quality of their “mixtures” as they create a distinct taste and smell designed to wow our senses and create an experience for our taste buds.  And every great chef revisits their recipes and regularly updates their “mixes” for new tastes and smells for new seasons.  God is the master chef of our lives and of life on planet earth!

God told me He is coming in this season to change the mixture of our lives.  God is the master Chef and we are the dish He is preparing for His glory and ultimately His own pleasure.  And the tastes, textures, and aroma of our personal lives are a result of the mixture of the giftings, relationships, spheres of influence, revelation, and activities we engage in.  Since the gifts and callings of God are not going to change (Romans 11:29), I believe God is coming to make some changes in our relationship, spheres of influence, revelation, and activities we participate in.

He is coming to change that mixture for two reasons.  In Exodus 30 we find two mixtures that God ordained – the anointing oil and the incense.  The anointing oil was reserved for consecrating and setting apart things and people for ministry – for what they will do FOR Him.  I believe God is coming to change the mixture in our lives so that we will be more effective in what we are called and gifted to DO FOR Him.  And for some of us, the change will actually redefine WHAT we do for Him as He is bringing fresh anointing for new opportunities and new ways we will be serving Him.

The incense was the second mixture dedicated as holy to the Lord.  While the anointing oil mixture acted as an identifier of things and people who would minister FOR God, the incense was kept for exclusive use inside the Holy Place and was solely to minister TO God.  It was for His pleasure behind the closed doors of the tabernacle.  It represents the aroma of our lives coming up before God as incense that is solely for His enjoyment.  I believe that God is coming in this season to change the mixture in our lives so that there is a new aroma rising from us for God’s personal pleasure.  It’s His timing for some of the extraneous ingredients of our lives - things we don’t need and things that are detrimental to us – to be removed from our recipes. And it’s His time to add new ingredients, new atmospheres, new relationships, and new activities that will improve the mixture of the incense of our lives that rise solely for His pleasure.

But the coming change is not restricted to our personal lives.  God also told me that He is going to change the mixture in our nation.  For too long the mixture in our culture has been tilting and even sliding away from righteousness and truth.  And most of our efforts to halt that change, or initiate a reversal have been futile, leaving us wondering if that change were even possible any longer.  But GOD SAID that He was going to change the mixture in America, in our culture and our politics.  He is going to introduce the yeast of the kingdom of God (Matthew 13:33) through His people and IT WILL begin to change the whole lump.  Mark His words:  There is coming a change in the mixture in the cultural and political fabric of America.

Finally, I believe God told me He was going to change the mixture in the earth – geopolitical territorialism, racial sectarianism, economic strangleholds, and even the physical resources that are right under our feet.  We need to shake ourselves out of the doldrums, discouragement, and disappointment that entomb our minds to expect things to get worse.  GOD IS COMING TO CHANGE THE MIXTURE on our planet, calling it out of cycles of futility and corruption “into the glorious liberty of the children of God.” (Romans 8:21)

Last modified on Thursday, 31 March 2016
Tim Cole

Tim Cole

Tim Cole, along with his wife Dawn, are Lead Pastors of Destiny Community Church in Lexington KY.  A revivalist, apostolic voice, speaker, author, and life coach, Tim is committed to fathering this generation into wholeness, maturity, and fruitfulness so they can bring heaven to earth.

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