Hope that Holds Me

Written by  Dawn Cole Wednesday, 09 September 2015
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Have you noticed how desperate the world is for a little hope? It is as if someone pulled the string on the sweater that is our world and the whole thing is unraveling and no one seems to know what to do or how to respond. The scope of what is happening is so overwhelming that it is easy to throw up our hands and repeat the mantra we hear so often, “the world is going to hell in a hand basket”. That must be one big hand basket. And who came up with that saying anyway? The next question is, “why do we believe that”? That certainly isn’t how God feels about things. He is as full of hope, passion, optimism and expectation as He as has been or ever will be. I believe God loves the challenge of the impossible. But lets be honest, the only ones who are looking at things and even considering them impossible is us, that concept isn’t even in the heart, mind or vocabulary of God.

It is so easy to get our focus on the “what ifs” and worst case scenarios. The problem with that line of thinking is that it only leads us away from the truth. Now I am not saying that bad things never happen, but what I am saying is that God doesn’t cause them to happen and that those things don’t thwart His plan and purpose. We need to remind ourselves of some truth. “He is he hope that holds me, and the stronghold to shelter me, the only God for me and my great confidence and His massive arms are wrapped around me” (Psalm 91:2,4 TPT) Just let the magnitude of that thought sink in. He is the hope that holds me. I am surrounded by hope. Hope becomes the lens of my life and the expectation of my heart.

Hebrews tells us that God wants us to be so convinced, beyond a doubt, that He doesn’t change His mind. There are in fact two things that don’t change; His promise and His oath. It is impossible for God to deceive us. His intention is that we have the strength of heart and the will to hold fast the hope appointed for us and set before us. Now we have this hope as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul (it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whoever steps out upon it – a hope) that reaches farther and enters into (the very certainty of the Presence) within the veil. (Hebrews 6:17-19 AMP) What hope is he talking about? It is the hope that Abraham lived in while waiting for what God had promised him; the hope that is now ours.

We should all be up doing a happy dance right now! There is hope! The imagery of hope as an anchor for our soul is powerful. It cannot slip or break down under whoever steps out upon it. You and I can put weight on it. Hope is not wishful thinking and wouldn’t it be nice if . . . it is powerful and has the capability to bring us to a place of certainty. The sureness of hope comes from the very presence of God himself. He is the hope that holds me. What we are not talking about is a “feeling” that we emote ourselves into, it is a confidence that is born out of relationship. We cannot spend time in the presence of God and not be changed.

So why is God so sure about this whole hope thing? May I suggest that God doesn’t see Himself as the “Great Problem Solver in the Sky”, as a matter of fact; God doesn’t solve problems at all. We see things that need fixed, He sees possibilities that have yet to be discovered. He never lives in the negative, there is never a deficit in heaven, there are no situations that arise that don’t have options or opportunity for you and I to receive something amazing. God has never lost a battle or faced a situation that took Him by surprise. The truth is that the enemy can’t get one past God.

God is always setting us up to be both prepared and ready with the hope that comes from knowing who we are, who He is and what He has promised He would do. We are His children and His beloved; He lives in us and is our great confidence. God is majestic, faithful, massive, our stronghold; full of unlimited resources and true to His word. His promise is that even in times of pressure and trouble that we would come out successful. He loves the role of being our Glorious Hero (Psalm 91:15 TPT).

This is a great day to let Him saturate you with His hope. Let Him wrap you up in His massive arms and hold you in that place of hope. Ask Him to give you a glimpse of what is really going on. Maybe you will get to see the armies of the Lord in the heavens just like Elisha and His servant. Find your way into the very center of His presence and let Him give you the glasses of hope. Then take that hope and share it with someone who is desperate for some good news. We are divine carriers of hope and eternal optimists.

Last modified on Wednesday, 09 September 2015
Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole, along with her husband Tim, serves as the Lead Pastor of Destiny Community Church in Lexington KY.  An author, teacher, and prophetic voice, Dawn's motto is "there's got to be more!"

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