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Written by  Tim Cole Wednesday, 22 April 2015
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Not everything that occurs in our natural lives directly correlates to a deep spiritual truth about ourselves (that would deny the presence of other natural and spiritual parties vying for influence over us). I do believe, however, that God will often use specific vignettes from our natural lives as revelational tools for our understanding and growth.

I had one of those moments recently when I pulled my lawn mower out of the garage for the first mowing of the Spring.  I had purchased this mower some 23 years ago and of all the manly equipment (sorry ladies J) that I had owned over the years, it had always been the most reliable - starting easily and functioning well.   That is, until last year when it didn’t start a single time without exacting physical and emotional frustration.

As I pulled the mower out to begin this new season of mowing, I started realizing how much aggravation and time it had cost me last season – an average of 10 minutes multiplied by 28 times mowing equaling 280 minutes or almost 5 full hours of time and physical energy lost forever.  In some ways, I think that I endured this loss simply out of respect for the years of faithful service it had provided me. In other ways, I tend to be loyal to a fault even to my lawn mower (never mind the more important things like relationships).

But then it hit me – the parable of truth coming out of my own natural situation.  You see I have a father who is a wiz at anything mechanical, especially engines.  As a young man in the Air Force, he became a crew chief mechanic on one of big banana shaped helicopters.  Later he owned his own service station and was the chief mechanic.  In other words, my dad had never met an engine he couldn’t “talk to.” And best of all, I know my dad loves me and has always been willing to help me.

So there it was - I could have called my dad and easily eliminated a summer of aggravation.  But I didn’t.  I put up with it – the entire mowing season.  What a knucklehead!  Then it hit me (Key the heavenly music to indicate revelation setting down over me). How many times have I endured this same scenario of loss and aggravation in my life out of some twisted sense of honor, obligation, or loyalty when I could have called my heavenly Father who is “The Wiz” at everything I face.  Whoa!

What aggravations or frustrations do you put up with in your life?  Do you have any scenarios that are consistently costing you time and resources?  I strongly encourage you to shake off the spirit of “knucklehead” and engage your Father on the matter.  Time to call in backup.  He loves you, celebrates every opportunity to interact with you, and is a genius at everything that you are facing.   Why live in frustration and loss?  Make the call!

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Tim Cole

Tim Cole

Tim Cole, along with his wife Dawn, are Lead Pastors of Destiny Community Church in Lexington KY.  A revivalist, apostolic voice, speaker, author, and life coach, Tim is committed to fathering this generation into wholeness, maturity, and fruitfulness so they can bring heaven to earth.

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