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Infinite Possibilities with an Unchanging God

Written by  Dawn Cole Wednesday, 22 April 2015
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We serve an unchanging God!  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Wow, that is a great thought.  I believe that sometimes we get the impression that God is bipolar or mentally unstable.  Now I know we would never admit that out loud, but we can still perceive that God’s thoughts and heart change depending on our day and our actions or His.  What a relief to know that this is so far from the truth.  He never changes.  He is always in a good mood and He is head over heels in love with you and me.

This foundational belief becomes so important because it affects the way we live life and handle things that come our way.  Everyone has stuff in their lives.  The way we view that stuff in light of who God is, makes all the difference.  If I can depend on Him never changing, then the only thing that has to change is my stuff.  We can spend so much time trying to figure our way out of things, as if we were genius enough to do that, when God is just waiting for us to lean into His big, powerful unchanging nature and let Him figure the way out.

I am a recovering atheist.  I say that with all sincerity.  Why, you ask?  Well, because by definition an atheist is someone who disbelieves.  Well, I have been someone who disbelieves.  Now, I am not saying that I didn’t believe in the existence of God or that He was real and personal.  I believed all those things.  I even talked to Him on a regular basis and He talked back.  So, why atheist?  Because there have been times that I have disbelieved in the true character and nature of God. I thought that He was bipolar or not trustworthy. There was this question ,”which God was I going to encounter today?” The angry, disappointed one who was wagging His head at me or the One who couldn’t wait to be with Me because His love was overwhelming and He was looking to pour it out on me.

Let’s connect some dots.  God doesn’t change.  His promises to me about my life are just that, unchanging.  He doesn’t wish He could take back what He has said about me in His Word.  The stuff in my life needs to change.  I can spend lots of time trying to fix things on my own because I feel like I am responsible and that is what God expects of Me.  The truth is that He is just waiting for me to believe.  It is as simple as me really believing that He is who He says He is today and forever.  It is in the simple act of believing that I have access to everything I need.  He alone is the source of unending and abundant peace, love, provision, kindness, goodness, life and on and on.  The simplicity of the gospel gets us every time!

God actually set us up to succeed.  He set us up with everything we need to live life with full expectation and optimism.  There isn’t one situation in your life right now that God is not cheering you on.  He already knows the outcome - you won, you overcame, you triumphed, you got the trophy!  Jesus prayed, “On earth as it is in heaven”.  The good news is there are no problems in heaven only possibilities.  The question is not, “what are We going to do?” The question is, “how can We rock their world with the solution to this thing?’ No, really think this thought.  There are no problems, only possibilities and God is never out of options.  Bill Johnson say this,  “God can will with a pair of twos.” If you play poker you know that is not the hand you want to be dealt.

If we began to live from that framework of possibilities, we will find ourselves living from a place of rest, peace, love, joy, kindness, goodness, self control.  it will become so natural because it really is who we are and it really is an expression of the place we come from - heaven.  Now I know, there are some things that seem even too big for God and the tendency would be to engage our atheist self for just a moment.  We are no longer who we were!  WE are becoming true sons of Abraham, sons and daughters who live by faith.

Abraham lived out of His relationship with God and it produced unwavering faith.  He was even willing to sacrifice His son because He was convinced that God would either raise Isaac from the dead or give Him another son.  That is living out of place of rest, expectation and optimism.  Not for the sake of a positive attitude, but because He was totally convinced that God was who He said He was and He never changes.

Today is a great day to sit down with God and talk to Him about the stuff in your life. You know all the Proble...--that P word--and ask Him what He is thinking about them. Let Him begin to share what He is planning. This can't help but produce belief and hope and expectation! We have the opportunity to tap into some amazing promises, upgrades and provisions when we hear His heart. We will begin to see problems in a whole new light. They become the thing God uses to demonstrate His amazing power and we get to stand back in awe of His majesty and greatness. We may even become junkies for stuff to happen in our lives just so we can watch God work. Maybe James was right, "count it all joy when you encounter various trials and tribulations." Well, maybe I'm not there yet. But it sure takes the fear out of what life throws my way. I'm on the winning team and God never changes!

Last modified on Wednesday, 22 April 2015
Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole

Dawn Cole, along with her husband Tim, serves as the Lead Pastor of Destiny Community Church in Lexington KY.  An author, teacher, and prophetic voice, Dawn's motto is "there's got to be more!"

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