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Discover : Deliver : Restore : Dream: Freedom is a divinely inherent right for every man, woman, and child. Jesus restored our right to freedom, demonstrated how to release it, and commissioned the Church to establish it as the cornerstone of His Gospel.   With Sozo as our core, our vision is to offer in-house and referral Prayer Counseling Ministries, Life Coaching, Recovery Programs, and much more.

Sozo Ministry

DCC’s SOZO ministry will be the cornerstone of our Freedom Center. SOZO is a personal healing model that utilizes simple but powerful tools to lead believers into greater freedom.
The SOZO ministry will be led by a team of 2-4 people trained in the SOZO model and gifted to develop and maintain a working ministry that serves our church and region. Both the team and a team lead are appointed by and serve at the discretion of the Lead Pastor.

Prayer Team

We are growing a company of believers who are well trained to support others as Prayer Servants as Altar Workers, in ministry prayer teams, and other targeted groups.

Growing Vision

We have vision to offer several physical and inner healing models, as well as life coaching, support groups, and referrals for those needing more in depth assistance.

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