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Children's Ministry

Our Values

One of the greatest privileges God gives us is to nurture children and lead them into adulthood with a real relationship with their Creator and the skills they'll need to be a contributing member of the Kingdom.

We are committed to growing Kingdom Kids who know God and are ready for His purposes in their lives.

Current Ministry

We offer children's ministry during our worship services. Kids are released after our worship to receive training and age appropriate activities geared to their spiritual development.

As we grow, our vision is to provide graduated classes for specific age groups, as well as a vibrant youth experience for our teens.


Wanting to activate our kids into a lifestyle of participation with God and His kingdom in the earth, we are using a curriculum written in house by Pastor Dawn that not only covers the core components of our faith, but also provides activation activities for each lesson to help our kids see how they can be supernaturally active even while they are young.

Team Leadership

We are excited to have David & Nneka Hay leading our ministry team to our children. With a strong call to leadership and a heart to serve, David and Nneka are passionate about imparting kingdom values and worldview into our kids, as well as activating them to participate in the Kingdom where they are right now.

Children's Ministry Team Lead

Pastor Dawn Cole


Leadership Team
Nadia Rawlins
Jonathan Garrett
Rod & Nancy Durall
Millie Moore

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