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Relational Events

Looking for relationship?  Want to connect with other people who love Jesus? At Destiny, we are committed to building a healthy church built on heathy relationships.  Here are some of the ongoing relational events that we have built into our top-level calendar:


Annual Church Picnic

This year our Church Picnic will be held in the month of May so that we can avoid the heat and humidity of late July.  Always a favorite for down-home, picnic cuisine and laid back, casual conversations.

Church Dinners

We love to hang out after church a few times a year and bring our favorite foods to share with our family.  A little advice:  stay alert, because you never really know what might break out during one of our fellowship dinners.  One Christmas, a spontaneous line dance broke out.

Fellowship Nights

We look forward to creating every opportunity our calendar allows to have fun and build relationships.  Some of the fellowship events we have enjoyed in the past or are planning for the near future include: Baseball outings, group hiking and other outdoor events, Destiny Dances, Pizza with the Pastors, and more.



Another important opportunity for connecting in relationships is serving with others on one of our ministry teams

Ministry Teams

There is nothing quite like standing shoulder to shoulder with another believer while together you find fulfillment by serving the church and the Kingdom through a ministry team.  From the Prophetic to Outreach, we have a team for you to find your place in our community.

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