Mission: Poland 2015



God has called us to the nations and this will be our 4th team into Poland.  We believe we have a mandate to carry the message of the Gospel of Grace, release Prophetic Words into churches, cities, regions and countries, and to demonstrate the supernatural nature of the kingdom of God.  And God has sovereignly connected us with key leaders and churches in Poland, where it has been prophesied over the span of many decades that a revival was going to break out and spread through Europe and the world!

An exciting new component to our mission this trip is that we get to begin to train a prophetic team within the local churches we already have relationship with.  It is a powerful thing to go and release the prophetic word; it is even more powerful to impart and train Europeans to hear God for themselves and to prophesy to others what God is saying.

Another first for this trip is the opportunity to minister in Warsaw, Poland. This is a brand new connection for us in the capitol city of Poland.

Our team includes Pastors Tim & Dawn Cole, Alex Cole, Gerry and Jonathan Morford..



Jun 9-11 (Thu-Fri)- Flights to Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Jun 12 (Sun) - Ministering in The Street Church [ website | video | map | Facebook ]

Jun 13 (Mon) - Ministering at the Rehab Center [ website | video | map ]

Jun 14 (Tue) - Ministering to the leaders of The Street Church

Jun 15 (Wed) - 8hr train from Warsaw to Janowice Wielke, Poland [ google map ]

Janowice Wielke, Poland (photos)

Jun 16 (Thu) - Prophetic Training for 30-40 people

The Church for the Region, Pastors Jarek & Oksana Wasilewski  [ website | map | Facebook ]

Jun 17 (Fri) - Regional Prophetic Conference [ Facebook ]

Jun 18 (Sat) - Prophetic Team Training and Regional Prophetic Conference

Jun 19 (Sun) - Ministry in local churches


Jun 20 (Mon) - Street Outreach with Pastor Magda Broda, Victory Church, Jelenia Gora

Jun 21 (Tue) - Youth Conference with Pastor Zdzislaw Niemiec, Pentecostal Church, Swiebodzice

Jun 22 (Wed) - Bible Study with Pastor Jarek & Oksana Wasilewski, The Regional Church, Janowice

Jun 23 (Thu) - Return to USA



  • Significant relational connections with sister churches and key leaders in Poland
  • Anointing for spiritual, economic, physical, governmental breakthrough - for people, places, regions, country
  • Free flow of the Supernatural Kingdom in signs, wonders, healing, deliverance, and miracles
  • Accurate & specific prophetic words to churches, leaders, individuals, and over Poland
  • Health and protection for team while traveling and in Poland
  • Protection and ease of travel - safe flights, connections, luggage delivery, ease through airports and customs, ground transportation


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