Committed to doing what Jesus did for the sake of our neighbors, city, region, and country, Destiny is reaching out into the world around us "as we go" to make disciples.  Living inside the four walls of a building is not enough;  love compelled Him to action ... and so it does with us.  We get the privilege of re-presenting God to our co-workers, neighbors, fellow Lexintonians, and everyone that calls the Bluegrass their home.

Outreach, like most other endeavors, is a partnership with other ministries and leaders that are already doing great things in our community and around the earth. Together, we can impact our region and demonstrate in tangible ways the compassion and plan of God.

DCC Outreach & Partnerships

1Power & Love Ministries - Committed to equipping believers in their identity as sons and activating them to demonstrate God's love through supernatural encounters with people wherever we go[Click Here]

2FireStarters - Committed to igniting the Fire in individuals who then become living witnesses to the Goodness of God. [Click Here]

3Treasure Hunting - Committed to a prophetic posture toward evangelism, participants look for the treasure (people) God highlights through prophetic clues so they can demonstrate His redemption in miraculous goodness. [Click Here]

4Bread of Life Ministries - Committed to serving the less fortunate in Lexington, KY with food, resources, relationship, and the Love of Jesus. [Click Here]

Outreach Team Lead

Pastor Tim Cole

1801 Alexandria Drive
Suite 104
Lexington KY 40504

2709 Woodlawn Way
Lexington KY 40504

Ph:  859.269.2874
Email: click here