God has the world in His heart.  That's why He sent His Son and to whom He sent Him - THE WORLD!  And because we are His sons & daughters, we, too, have the world on our hearts.

DCC is committed to being a supporting and a sending center to express God's love to the earth.  We want to be a supporting cast through effective prayer and finances to those God sends around our planet to re-present Him.  And we are committed to sending DCCers around the planet to share in the joy of going!

DCC Missions & Ministries We Support

1Joseph Prince Ministries - Committed to changing the earth with the scandalous good news of the Gospel of Grace - that our salvation will never be based on anything we "do" but soley on what He has already done. [Click Here]

2Bethel Church, Redding CA - Committed to raising up revivalists who are equipped to changing the world through supernatural demonstrations of the Good News.  We have sent DCCers to participate with Bethel Missions trips. [Click Here]

3Circle of Hope International - Committed to restoring families, land, health, and resources ... specifically targeting Malawi Africa with the Love of Jesus. [Click Here]

4Bread of Life Ministries - Committed to serving the less fortunate in Lexington, KY with food, resources, relationship, and the Love of Jesus. [Click Here]

5Jess Steere - Intervarsity - Committed to sharing Jesus on Berea College campus, Jess is laying his life down in ministry events, relationship, and mentoring.[Click Here]

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