Prophetic Art

Prophetic Art at DCC

Papa God is so creative, and He is always speaking through His creation. When we create, we become even more like Him. At DCC, we value the creative process and understand the impact and revelation that is released through it.  We are in the process of setting up a Prophetic Arts team, and welcome those who want to release Papa's heart through painting during a worship service. There is also a Prophetic Arts table set up in the back of the sanctuary with materials available for anyone who wants to participate.

Recent Prophetic Art

Below are recent works of art painted during worship services. Most of them were released to people during the service, as an encouragement from the heart of Papa God. The artists' explanations are included.


"Spirit Over Me" by Tiffany Harris

Sometimes we carry hurt in our hearts and can't figure out how to deal with it, or have questions that don't seem to have answers. During those times, we just need Father to hover and brood over us, just as the Spirit did over the waters during the creation. We need Him to quiet our fears and questions with His love, and allow His love to heal our hearts.

Bethel Church, ministry team artwork for the DCC body

"Bell Ringing Out"
The bell represents the sound going out from Destiny Community Church, like the sould of a shofar being blown. It awakens the land and angels and affects the atmosphere. The sound of joy going forth will impact our community and Kentucky. Psalm 126 was read with this word.

The red represents fire and the passion of God towards us. The blue is revelation and the Spirit, and white is joy and glory. The artist said that in DCC's atmosphere, people receive revelation and experience the goodness of God.

"National Impact"
The artist said that DCC is a cornerstone in Lexington, that will affect the whole nation in partnership with God.



"Quiet Waters" by Laura Harmon

Even through the kind of storms that cause trees to bend and leaves to fly, Papa stills our waters. He is our peace, quiet and safe place.

"God of Jeshurun" by Tiffany Harris

The God of old is the shield that protects you and your glorious sword!" (Deuteronomy 33:29). When we stand before our enemies, let us remember who is fighting for us. There is none like the God of Jeshurun (Israel). When Israel cried out for help, He fought for them and gave them victory. He is also our mighty warrior!

"Sunrise" by Tiffany Harris

Sunrises remind us that His mercies are new each day. The rays of the rising sun swallow up the darkness, reminding us that hope, when we let it rise, overtakes depression and darkness. There is always hope in Him.


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