This monthly Encounter is about prophetic worship, declarations, and intercession that is powered by Body participation.  It is out of this atmosphere that God's glory, love, power, unity, purity, goodness ... all that is on God's heart ... manifests to release identity, provision, and fulfillment for our lives, our city, our region, and even the earth.

For the believer, everything flows out from the "secret place" where we encounter God and are encountered by Him. Jacob's experience with God at Jabbok brook changed him forever.  He encountered God's presence, and then God "encountered" him.  This place is not "secret" in that it must be solitary or stumbled upon, but because it is in that place that God uncovers the "secrets" to our lives.

The Passion Place is one of those "secret" places.  It is not only a place where we intently pour out our passion on Him, but also where we look for the places where He is pouring out His passion on us!

In His presence is "fullness of joy!"  And from His presence flows the nature and power of His kingdom. Join us as we engage God in the heavenly realms and He engages us in the earthly realm.

Passion Place Dates

The Passion Place
begins @ 7pm

August 26

September 22

October 27

1801 Alexandria Drive
Suite 104
Lexington KY 40504

2709 Woodlawn Way
Lexington KY 40504

Ph:  859.269.2874
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